A Letter To My Friends

It's not so many months ago
when first we heard each others name 
A simple e-mail back and forth
And now my life will never be the same

And, so, as time went marching by 
a bond began to grow 
We learned so much about each other. 
Important things we had to know. 
What kind of work do we do? 
How do we spend a normal day? 
What things are important to us? 
Still so many things we want to say. 

As time, day by day, went by 
Our thoughts we soon began to share. 
And then that "puter pal" became my friend 
Someone, you know, for whom I truly care. 

Can any of you explain to me 
Why this occurs with just a few? 
This fantastic bond of friendship 
Takes place with only one or two? 

Now my life is full of joy. 
My friends are just a click away 
Some dear friends write twice a month 
With others it's several times a day. 
But each and every one of you 
Is special in your own unique way. 
You give so very much to me, 
More pleasure than I could ever say. 

Your friendship means the world to me 
And even though we live so far apart 
And we know that we will never meet, 
You will always have a place within my heart.

Kay Brewer ~ © 2001

used with permission

My Heartfelt Thanks to Kay

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