My Valentine's Wish 
Just for You 
My Friend

Valentine's Day isn't just about 
couples and romance. 
It's also about friends and sharing 
and letting people know 
you care about them and 
how important they are in your life. 

It's so good knowing I can count on you 
for words of kindness or concern, 
and whenever I need it 
you offer your support and encouragement ... 

You take the time to listen 
and accept me as I am, 
that's what makes our friendship 
so special and lasting. 

Through it all, you've been there for me ... 
as an adviser, a morale booster,
a companion and most of all, 
A true and trusted friend. 

I just thought you should know 
what a special friend you are! 

This Valentine's Day Wish Is Special, 
Because You Are ... 

May you always be surrounded by 
furry critters, good books, good music 
endless laughters 
the eternal love of someone special 
and the long lasting smell of roses ... 




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