Still The Eagle Soars

Our Darkest hour came on a sun filled Tuesday morn
Worst fears and nightmares suddenly, violently born
From the sky she viewed what she was never meant to see
The Great Eagle bore witness to the thing that should not be.

Her heart stood still as the great towers did surely fall
Only to beat again as she heard a mighty call
They came in great numbers, swiftly and brave
To find the fallen many, to see who they could save.

Through the smoke and fire, she spread her wings to shield
Those who risk it all, the hearts that will not yield
The task at hand, too grim, too much, too soon
To find those trapped in a dark cold tomb.

Now she turns toward the open sky
From her beak comes the battle cry
To seek the evil out from high above
To bring those down who dare hunt the Dove.

As her sister stands for Peace, 
She now stands for war
A taste for vengeance as she's never felt before
Yet she shrieks a warning to those who act in haste
Do not punish those simply for their race.

She reminds us now not let anger blind us, 
to be consumed by our rage
Not to attack the innocent or be dommed to be evil's slave
We must remember the wisdom of Eagle's sister Dove
We are a Nation of Freedom, as well as Peace and Love.

Still the Eagle Soars with the Dove right by her side
Each carries the burden to keep Freedom alive
Those who target the Dove, must now all beware
The Eagle has been awakened, 
and her Talons brought to bare.

by Scott Patrick Beagin, Sr 
Copyright ©  17 September 2001

This poem is copywrite.
If you would like to use this poem, 
please email Scott for permission.
Also, if you just simply appreciated this poem, 
please drop him a line and let him know.
I am sure he would love to know.

Dedicated to those
who lost their lives,
their loved ones,
the rescuers, 
and our country.

God Bless the United States of America.

I used to write a lot when I was a bit younger but,
with less time, growing responsibilities and, lack of desire, 
I haven't written much for awhile. 
But now my heart has compelled me to write this. 
I hope my words can bring even the slightest bit of comfort. Thank you.

Scott Patrick Beagin, Sr

This poem is copywrite. 
Please do not reproduce without author's permission.



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