~ My Thanks ~

People everywhere in life 
~ from every walk and station,
from every town and city, 
and every state and nation,
have given me so many things 
intangible and dear,
I couldn't begin to count them all, 
or even make them clear.
I only know I owe so much 
to people everywhere,
and when I put my thoughts in verse, 
it's just a way to share
the musings of a thankful heart 
~ a heart much like your own,
for nothing that I think or write is 
"mine and mine alone"
So if you found some beauty 
in any word or line,
it's just "Your Soul's Reflection" 
in "Proximity with Mine"

Helen Steiner Rice

A Friend Like You ...

How did I get so lucky to find a friend like you?
One who's always there, 
in good times and in bad,
Who stands with me against the world in
Happy times as well as sad.

One who's always close; 
one who's always there for me.
One who takes my side, 
whether I am right or wrong.
One who always calls to share,
A thought, a book, or song.

What words can thank you 
for always standing by my side?
You've been there to share my laughter,
And been there when I've cried.

I don't have words enough to say:
Thank you so much for being my friend.
And sharing your world with me
Each and every day.

~Strangers Are Friends We Haven't Met Yet~

God knows no strangers, He loves us all -
The Poor, the rich, the great, the small. 
He is a Friend who is always there, 
to share our troubles and lessen our care,
for no one is a stranger in God's sight,
for God is love, and His light 
may we too try in our small way 
To make new friends from day to day. 
So pass no stranger with an unseeing eye, 
For God may be sending a new friend by!

Helen Steiner Rice


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